Contemporary Art and Activism Regarding Roma Slavery

Tablou George Mihai Vasilescu

On the 18th of November 2015, as part of the project Povești Nespuse – Untold Stories, we organized an artistic happening entitled Contemporary Art and Activism Regarding Roma Slavery. This event was part of a series of actions developed in the course of our project. During the happening Roma artists have discussed with the students and the professors present about the challenges of one’s involvement in artistic activism concerning Roma slavery. The speakers at this event were Alina Şerban, Roma actress, author and producer of theater plays and George Mihai Vasilescu, painter and artist.

The artistic happening meant the discussion of some materials resulted from the field research conducted in the project in order to gather Roma fairy tales as well as watching a series of monologues from Alinei Şerban’s theater plays. In addition, George Mihai Vasilescu has presented several of his paintings from the exhibition Robii lui Dumnezeu open at this time at the Bucharest Metropolitan Library.

The aim of the discussions was to present the activities of the project and the different means through which art and artistic productions contribute to the visibility of untold or ignores stories, to social change and to the re-evaluation of history. Moreover, taking into account the academic nature of the hosting establishment, the participants have talked about equal access to education and the importance of creating an inclusive and multicultural educational framework.

After the short session of questions&answers organized at the end of the event, we also discussed different future possible actions and ways to support Roma artistic activism.

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