Once Upon A Time – Sasas Jekhvar Jekh

The stories and fairy tales of a community are the expression of that community’s imagination, identity and memory. One of the ways through which the project Povești Nespuse – Untold Stories aims to promote Roma identity and cultural diversity is the online publication of a Collection of Roma Fairy Tales. The fairy tales are presented in Romanian, Romani and English.

Transmitted orally throughout time, the Roma stories in our collection have been gathered by Alina Serban mainly from Tanti Veta, who was very generous with her time, stories and presence.

We hope that this collection of fairy tales will help us raise awareness regarding the complexity of Roma experiences and history and also reclaiming the Roma cultural identity. This online volume represents our contribution to the effort of popularizing Roma stories and of conserving the Roma folklore.

We invite you into a world with houses made of salt, brave girls, merciful boys, resourceful children, dragons and emperors, where injustices, adventures and courage are to be found equally. Enjoy your reading!

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