Press Release – Concerning the Launching Conference of the Project Povești Nespuse – Untold Stories

Project Untold Stories
Romano ButiQ
Supported by a  Grant  from  Norway,  Iceland,  Liechtenstein and  the  Romanian Government within Programme PA17/RO13 Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage

Press Release
Concerning the Launching Conference of the
Povești Nespuse – Untold Stories

The Launching Conference of the Project Povești Nespuse-Untold Stories will take place at Café Boheme on Wednesday the 18th of November, at 15:00. The project aims to document and to promote Roma culture and identity. Another one of its goals is to raise awareness concerning the cultural and social history of the Roma population in Romania through artistic happenings and research, activities that will be presented during the Launching Conference.

The initiator of the Untold Stories – Poveşti Nespuse project is
Alina Şerban
a Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate
Roma actress, author and producer of theater plays and artistic productions

 Alina Şerban has initiated the project Untold Stories – Poveşti Nespuse, implemented with the support of the Romano ButiQ Association, in order to promote Roma history and cultural diversity and to raise awareness regarding reclaiming Roma culture and identity. How do we reclaim an identity? How can we reclaim an identity when fundamental parts of history remain untold and when the links between the past and the present are not being discussed? What are the roles we play in the struggle to reclaim an identity, in the continuing or the changing of some histories? What are our stories? Who is telling the history? Whose history is being told and how? When the only voice being heard is that of the ethnic majority and there are only a small number of artistic productions that talk about the Roma history and culture in Romania, we are faced with a situation that renders the diversity of Roma experiences invisible.

The project Untold Stories – Poveşti Nespuse endeavors to highlight marginalized Roma historical and cultural perspectives that are rarely in the spotlight. Through this project we popularize Roma stories and fairytales and we support the research of the 500-year-history of the Roma slavery in the Romanian Principalities, while at the same time emphasizing the links between past Roma slavery and the present-day marginalization. Moreover, our project promotes artistic productions that are centered on Roma history and perspective. During the Launching Conference we shall give a detailed presentation of the main activities in the project while at the same time encouraging open discussions on the different possible means of supporting them.

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