Press Release – Launching Collection of Roma Fairy Tales

Project Untold Stories
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Press Release
Collection of Roma Fairy Tales
Project Untold Stories – Povești Nespuse

The project Untold Stories – Poveşti nespuse has published online a Collection of Roma Fairy Tales! This collection is available in three languages- Romanian, Romani and English.

The Collection of Roma Fairy Tales can be found here:

The Roma stories in our collection have been gathered by Alina Şerban mainly from Auntie Veta, who has shared with us some of the Roma fairy tales that have been preserved orally throughout time. By passing down the stories from generation to generation, a community can conserve and popularize different expressions of that community’s imagination, identity and memory.

Through this Collection of Roma Fairy Tales, the project Untold Stories – Poveşti nespuse aims to raise awareness regarding the complexity and the history of Roma culture as well as to contribute to the reclaiming of the Roma cultural identity. Moreover, this online volume represents our contribution to the effort of disseminating Roma stories and of conserving the Roma folklore.

The diversity of Roma experiences is rendered invisible partly because only the ethnic majority’s vision of the world has been transmitted through stories. This is why we invite you to discover and together with us to bring to light yet another piece of Roma culture, that of fairy tales with houses made of salt, brave girls, merciful boys, resourceful children, dragons and emperors, in which injustices, adventures and courage are to be found equally. Enjoy your reading!

The project Untold Stories – Poveşti nespuse aims to promote the diversity of Roma culture and identity. The initiator of the project Untold Stories – Poveşti Nespuse is Alina Şerban, a Royal Academy of Dramatic Art graduate, Roma actress, author and producer of theater plays and artistic productions.

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